Caring for Leather Material For a Stay Visible Luxury

For vehicle owners, for added comfort and a luxurious feel in the cabin of the car, one way to change the interior with leather materials such as leather seats and dashboard.

However, for the use of materials in the interior of the skin, it must be maintained to be a luxury and not a dull look.

Here are four simple ways to care for skin material:

1. Avoid harmful for the skin material objects

Vehicles wrapped in leather material, should get more attention, especially when putting luggage in driving. Preferably, to avoid skin material abrasive material.

Abrasive materials are natural or synthetic materials that are relatively hard to hone or rubbing objects softer. Abrasive materials that can damage the skin material include sharp objects, chemicals, and small stones.

2. Clean with a vacuum cleaner

to remove dust and small stones that are difficult to reach, it’s good to use a vacuum cleaner along with a fluffy brush. Perform routine at least once a month.

3. Use liquid cleaners conditioner and UV protector

Humidity is a major factor in maintaining the integrity of the skin material. Therefore, avoid direct sun exposure to avoid dryness.

To protect it, with warm water and mild soap with a pH between 3-3.5, and optimized with the use of a special moisturizer made from natural leather. Also, avoid  moisturizers vinyl-based and oils.

4. Use a cloth made from microfiber

Not only requires cleaning fluid as well as the right moisturizer, choice of materials must also comply lap. Recommended laps material that is made of microfiber.

Microfiber is made of polyester material with softness level of more than 1 decitex (den). This material, has characteristics that fit the needs of fiber including at the level of softness, durability, absorption, and filtering.